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New kit, same manger, no Norwegian and new owners? 11 June, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News, Transfers.

There’s a bit of stuff to talk about which makes a nice change so I’ll get straight into it. The new away kit has been officially unveiled by arsenal.com today. I’m sure you saw the images around the net recently and now the new white kit has been officially confirmed. It’s white and it looks shit. Gooners have been quite angry since we first found out that new away strip was going to be white because of our strong rivalry with Tottenham. To be honest, it’s just a colour it doesn’t really matter. I’d prefer it if it wasn’t white but fuck it, we haven’t really got a choice. I do like the shorts and socks though, I might get them. Will you be buying the shirt?

Arsene Wenger will be staying for at least one more year. He says he will be loyal to his contract and then next summer he will sit down with the board to discuss his future with the club. I knew he’d be staying this summer but I really have absolutely no clue what he’ll do next year. I want him to stay, most people do, but I remember him saying before that his plan was to get us settled into Ashburton Grove and then move on. We’ll worry about Arsene’s future new year but for now, he’s staying.

Last night Arsene was in Norway having a look at the 16 year old defender Havard Nordveit. After the game Wenger had talks with FK Haugesund and had a bid rejected but the director said, “We are still discussing, the door is not closed.” Man United are also linked with the promising youngster but the club insist Arsenal are the only ones to have show any interest. He would be another great addition to a fine collection of youngsters we have at Arsenal, I can’t really comment on a 16 year old who I’ve never heard of but if Wenger thinks he’s good then I believe him.

Stanley Kroenke

You’re probably aware of Stan Kroenke’s interest in Arsenal, he’s currently owns 12.19% in shares and has make it well known that he wants to buy us up. Also David Dein’s departure was linked with him as it seems Dein was going to sell to Kroenke but the rest of the board were totally against a takeover. He’s shook things up behind the scenes at Arsenal but it now seems he has a rival bidder. It’s the same guy who tried to buy Liverpool and he’s described Arsenal as ‘a very profitable club’. Great.

That’s enough for today, see ya.



1. Bgooner - 11 June, 2007

First Gun!?

All this bollocks about everybody leaving is quite clever by Arsene. His mate Dein and the yank want to buy the club and what better way to drive the share price down than talk some misery. If the share price goes down with all the negative PR then it will be piss easy for Yanky Doodle Dein to mount a hostile takeover. Then Dein comes back, Arsene, TH and Cesc stay forever and we all live happily ever after.

Interesting about the arab interests. They have FAR more wong that
we could use than yank.


2. Norwegian Gunner - 11 June, 2007

Nordtveit is supposed to be one of the most promising defenders in the world. United had a bid for him turned down not long ago. He has already played a few games for the norwegian under-19 national side, and Rowley has been over more than a few times to watch him.
Could be a great signing, but his club is demanding way to much money. He is only sixteen, and they want £1million now, and more than double depending on appearances.

3. Adsta - 11 June, 2007

Yeah but the arabs have been very public stating that the club could be very profitable. This isn’t going to be another oil tycoon with limitless resources. But haveing said that I guess Glazer bought Man U with a view to making money and they’ve spent £50m so far.
I usually never take the tabloid garbage seriously but i’m genuinely concerned about the language that TH14, F4 and Wenger have been using.
Henry has gone from pledging his life to the club and vowing to stay to retirement, to saying he’s a gunner for the time being.
Fab has pledged his future to Wenger and the way Wenger is talking he may leave after next season.
Very concerning times and something that will no doubt linger on until the end of next season.
Hopefully Kroenke will take over and reinstate Dein, then everything will be great again otherwise next year we could find ourselves without many key players, albeit with a shit load of cash from their departures. Perhaps a mass exodus and replacement is necessary, it may work in our favour.
Also I quite like the new kit so don’t go assuming that your opinion is the same as every other fans. I like it, will probably buy it (knock off from Thailand mind, come on its not that good) and will be adorning it will 9 & Trezeguet. Mark my words.

4. neamman - 11 June, 2007

I wont be buying the shirt. Dont care about tottenham..I just hate white shirts.

5. matt - 11 June, 2007

I might be in a minority – but i like it – might be tempted to get one.

Makes no difference that its white – we played in a white away kit a long time before the yellow and blue.

And Spurs never enter my mind, so dont care about them.

On a sperate note – we will be challenging next season, with or without any new signings – so listen to Arsene – DONT PANIC!

6. Kalix - 11 June, 2007

Maybe I´ll buy the shirt as a tribut to the Chapman era… Looks nice too.

7. Johnnythegooner - 11 June, 2007

I love the new kit, a breath of fresh air, and we have played in white before. As for all this Tottingham bollocks, don’t sweat it, so they wear white, they are still shit though, and always will be, what does it matter about shirt colour, a team is still a team.
Arsene will bring things around, have faith you lot.

8. Pete - 11 June, 2007

I like the new kit alot, who fuckin cares that it’s white. The S***s away kit in the 80’s was yellow & did anybody give a shit about that?

9. chinj13 - 11 June, 2007

Dein coming back? What the hell is going on? Don’t you remember why we had to sack him? He’s the one that forced our hand. I absolutely agree with what the board has done. It was good that he was such a big fan of the club but what he was trying to do was just unacceptable.

He will not return. Get on with it.

10. mowdagunna - 11 June, 2007

I love the white kit. I be buying it, fo’ sure!!! Funny thing tho’ most of us have nicknames like “gunner4life”, should be changed to “whiner4life” (me too inclusive). I love the club, I love whatever they put out, regardless of whoever stays in or walks out (that said, I’d very much love for titi to stay, pleeeeese!!!!).

We’re truly going thtu a rough patch but, hey! Doesn’t everyone? I had a bunch of friend that were Manure fans, and they stayed with the team regardless and never a foul mouth, even when Sir Alex threw the shoe at Becks or let go of Van Desteroy. One thing’s for sure, Arsene knows (so what if he also knows when to leave?)

11. Leebo - 11 June, 2007

I like the new kit, I wish it wasnt white but it is a nice change. My main concern is that I’d feel alienated at the Emirates next season if I was to wear it. What I find more annoying than a white kit is people leaving early and not singing!

12. Michael - 11 June, 2007

To be honest i would rarther see our great club owned by arab’s who have a natural love for football rarther than some yank who has a love for money and nothing else.
As for TH14 and F4 i think we should pull one over every body and cash in on them,they seem to think that they play for arsene wenger rarther than arsenal football club and i for one am fed up of them.
Ever since the day TH14 joined us we have had to put up with all the crap season after season “will he wont he leave” and i really think it is time we said farewell to henry.
Fabrigas is a great player no doubt about that but for him to come out and say if wenger leave’s so do i is a disgrace.
I sincerly with a had a spare billion lieying around the house Lol i would bnye the club out right renew wenger’s contract and sell henry and fabrigas as they clearly do not have any respect for our football club.
Thierry Henry and Fabrigas forget one thing,before they joined us they were NOBODY’S the both of them now they seem to think they can show total and utter disrespect to arsenal and that is it well i say On your damn bike to the both of them.
As for david dein he is even worst then TH14 and F4 in my opinion.
First of all he has done a great job no one would argue that fact but i support the rest of the board when they say “they will never sell to a yank” they are damn right and dein should have supported them not pulled a judas on them.
I ask all of the true arsenal fan’s out there one question….

Nothing !!!!

I would be devestated if we sold out to american i really would.

13. Leebo - 11 June, 2007

What do Americans KNOW about football?

Apart from the spelling I’m with you, I’m not happy with this holding the club to ransom every summer over a couple of players, or board members we are a club not individuals. However I can forgive Fabregas some naivity due to his age, and I wouldnt take what he said so litterally.

14. JamesGames - 11 June, 2007

I’m indifferent about the new away kit. I’m not fussed that its white, the main problem for me is that its just too damned plain! It needs some stripes down the sides like the home kit and maybe some colour panel around the arm pits, even blending in with the stripes I mentioned. As for rumours about our stars leaving, I’m not sure about the rest of you but I’m fed up of the gossip. Every summer our stars are linked with other European super powers but you don’t hear rumours of Rooney moving to Real for £50m or Cech moving to Barca for £40m or other stars, it always seems to be our players. The only star you never hear about is Toure (in my opinion, in the top 10 centre halfs in the world), but then again he never comes out with comments like Fab & Henry have done in the last few days. Maybe Toure should be captain because I’m not sure it gives a good impression to the rest of the players when Henry comes out with what he has done this past week. I’m 80% sure he’ll stay but he should come out, as should other players, and say “I’m staying 100%”, but then again maybe Wenger wants to sell those players and bring in fresh blood. Talking of fresh blood hear are a few players that I think Wenger should be looking at. Heitinga (Defender, Ajax), Sneijder (Midfield, Ajax), Hunterlaar (Striker, Ajax), Navas (Winger, Sevilla), Klose (Striker, W Bremen) (although I think he’s decided to join B Munich), Aguero (Att Midfield/Striker, A Madrid), (Pablo, Defender, A Madrid), Lucas Biglia (Midfield, Anderlecht), Daniel Sturridge (Striker, Man City).

Its ok having all these youngsters but they proved this season that they are not upto it yet. Given a few years then yes, they’ll be class but we haven’t got time. We’re being left behind and its worrying me. You’ll prob disagree with me but hey, thats life. The disspointing thing is that there aren’t many English players that I can think would add to the team. May Davies of West Brom and I know you’ll laugh but Steven Taylor of Newcastle (where else do you get more defensive practice in the Premiership!). Barnes, Nugents et al all look promising player but more suited to the likes of Everton, Villa, Spurs, mid table teams.

15. Leebo - 11 June, 2007

Theres one English player good enough to play for us and that Ashley Young the only other player we need to buy this summer is Gamst Pederson. Get those two, keep everyone else, Job Done!

16. Ryan - 11 June, 2007

It’s funny that people hate the idea for Arsenal selling to an American, but basically the entire squad is foreign. Arsenal should do what is right for Arsenal. I’m not saying whether refusing SK is a good or bad idea, but the fact that he’s American is so unimportant in this situation. It’s also usually the same people saying ‘DONT SELL TO YANK’ who are complaining about a lack of cash for ‘big’ possible transfers. At least make your minds up what you want, Christ.

I’m aware that that doesn’t apply to everyone, but certainly a huge number of fans and it’s pretty stupid really. Arsenal don’t need people just saying whatever shit comes into their heads (much of this anti-Kroenke stuff isn’t even anything to do with football at all, but is just anti-American crap). The club needs respect from the ground up. That’s including players like Fabregas stupidly claiming loyalty to the manager rather than the club, Henry being typically vague about what the fuck he wants, down to the individual fans claiming they want two contrasting things at the same time.

The club needs supporting as a whole and no individuals are bigger than it. I don’t care that Arsene Wenger has done such a brilliant job for Arsenal and could POSSIBLY be leaving at the end of next season. Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world and simply have an obligation to cope with such an instance. Wenger himself has so often sold our highest rated players and the club has always come back stronger than ever shortly after. The same will happen with Fabregas, Henry and even Wenger one day who all must leave at some point. The important thing is to act and make sure they are replaced just as so many great players he sold were replaced before them.

So stop whining about unimportant stuff such as if ONE OR TWO from a squad of 25+great players (from a squad of 25+) might leave and pay attention to the fact Arsenal are a young, improving team that even when they underachieve are still one of the greatest teams in the world. That can only be a good thing. Regardless of if there are one or two big egos within the club.

17. CLOCK END GOONER - 11 June, 2007


18. Colo32 - 11 June, 2007

I like the kit, though I am in favour of the old golden kit. About Henry, I hope he quits soon and we shall show him that Arsenal is a factory with admirable end products. We sell because we know we can make, even with £13m of Viera, to show that Fab4 was enough. v.Persie will fill for Henry, so will Ben and Theo. For Fab4, Denilson and Diaby are begging for your position.
Gooners are goos when they feel they are superior to likes of Madrid and Barca, who can’t make but make. Just a China-US affair…………….
If you are a gooner let me hear you sing…..Sputs are bullshit

19. Pete - 11 June, 2007

Couldn’t give a monkeys who we sell to as I don’t want us to sell anyway, however, it’s going to happen so why not a yank. I’d rather a yank than an arab!

20. Luiz Brandão - 11 June, 2007

you should worry less about team´s look and more about the game itself. Afterall that´s what really matters at the 90 minutes match.

21. Califronia Steve - 11 June, 2007

I’m an American, married to a British citizen, spent most of my life here in the States but lived two years in Scotland and we intend to retire there.

But I’m also a Gooner, a paid-up member of the Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club and everything that happens to the club makes my spirits rise or tumble on a whim.

Now to the point — about ANY possible takeover the club.

I’m also a journalist who has specialized in sports business and the financial aspects of things, so while I don’t know every little secret in the industry, it’s fair to say I probably grasp the pennies and pounds of it better than most.

Having said all that, let me tell you that any possible change in ownership — and Arsenal, just like Man U, put itself in this position with public trading of shares — needs to be studied on the basis of finances rather than nationalities.

The idea that Americans don’t know football is both wrong and meaningless in this case. Whether you and I or anyone else likes it, football is now part of high finance because of the vast TV and global marketing revenues available. So you have to take care of business first and let THAT translate into success on the pitch.

I am NOT saying that Kroenke’s bid is good or bad, on the face of it. Simply noting that he’s an American — just as these other potential bidders are rich Arabs — should be a non-issue.

The correct question is whether or not they can afford the deal and STILL manage the club properly off and ON the pitch, and what track record they might have to indicate their intentions and their good sense as long-term custodians.

And yes, the current board should be judged by the same criteria. Are THEY in the position to keep the club competitive and fiscally sound? Is the future brighter one way or the other?

I can tell you –because I’ve written thousands of words about the man — that Kroenke is not only the 47th richest person in the world, but a damn good owner of sports businesses. And don’t kid yourself about that. In 2007, a worldwide entity like Arsenal is big business.

He’s purchased carefully and wisely, invested shewdly in his various teams, brought solid management people aboard, increased his clubs’ values and — oh, by the way — WON things. Kroenke truly understands the relationship between winning and financial gain.

Again, I’m not saying he’s automatically the right fit for Arsenal. But he very well might be. In this global village of a world, to quote Arsene Wenger about his players: “We don’t look at passports, only at quality.”

The same rule should be applied to the business side. If it isn’t, we could become Leeds. Or the wreck that Chelsea will be on the day after Roman.

For that matter, the Glazers are in desperate financial trouble at Old Trafford — despite winning the damn league and being maybe the most famous team in earth. They simply took on too much debt. The ratios were all wrong. Now they’re bringing in HUGE ticket price increases, which is always a gamble, and spending loads of money in the transfer market the way a man who is on the verge of losing his mortgage might bet it all on a card game in Las Vegas.

If you care about Arsenal, get over your prejudice against Americans, or Arabs or anyone else.

The only people you should be worried about are the ones who aren’t smart enough AND rich enough to make the club viable over the long term.

Yes, I’m an American. I love Arsenal and everything about the club. I was sick for two weeks after the CL final last year. But don’t get confused — American or not, I’d put Kroenke to the same tests as anyone else who intends to run MY club in the future.

If you’re really a Gooner, you should consider that exact same approach — because the club’s survival and success depends on it.

22. Ruben Uria - 11 June, 2007

Hola! In Spain much is spoken about Henry’s transfer to the Barcelona. Go to
http: // el-hacha.blogspot.com/2007/06/propsito-de-henry.html

A greeting to all!

23. Top Posts « WordPress.com - 11 June, 2007

[…] New kit, same manger, no Norwegian and new owners? [image] There’s a bit of stuff to talk about which makes a nice change so I’ll get straight into it. The […] […]

24. JOGAmiike - 12 June, 2007

california steve im in san diego , and i agree american or arab if you love arsenal like i do you will stick with this club. think about how many times our players /managers / chairmans wanted to quit but didnt . think about how many times players have lost finals but stayed. think about our history and how we’ve made it.

25. International Education Service - 12 June, 2007

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26. CLOCK END GOONER - 12 June, 2007


27. jeremy clifford - 12 June, 2007

ruben, hola, thanks for the link. However if you want a good translation of the article- don’t use Babelfish. Maybe you could translate it for us ?

28. Rasheed - 12 June, 2007

I like the new away kit, it’s a clean looking shirt which I intend to pick up. A bit of a throwback look with the hoopy socks and the redcurrant trim and shorts. I respect the hardcore supporters who want to keep as far away from Tottenham as possible, but wearing white shirts doesn’t take anything away from our identity.

29. gunner89 - 12 June, 2007

and its not like were going to play tottenham in our white kit is it!!! the kit is about Herbert Chapman heritage and history, flippin eck everyone who hates it, just accept it and support Arsenal properly. Its a nice kit that goes back to those Herbert Chapman days, im only 18 so probably there are a few out there that remember arsenal wearing white, but for those who dont remember, be told and listen now. They wore white before the yellow and blue, accept it!!

About the rumoured takeover, i would like it to stay put as it is because of our heritage, e.g. the captain chooses which sleeve the whole team will be wearing and everyone does so. But if the takeover means more money to keep arsenal going and running at the top[ flight, then so be it. No-one can change our heritage and history anyway, lets hope whoever and if the takeover happens they are like the two americans who took over liverpool. They have got hold of Liverpools history and not ruined or changed the club one bit. So why cant whoever takes over do the same thing.

Just support arsenal and go by everything they do, if you cant do that, then why are you calling yourselves supporters because you criticise everything. “SUPPORT = Encourage/SUPPORTER = Follows and Encourages!” DO IT!

30. CLOCK END GOONER - 12 June, 2007


31. Daniel79 - 13 June, 2007

shut up clock end twat. you are a tosser.

32. DeiseGooner - 14 June, 2007
33. Rasheed - 14 June, 2007

I like those 3rd kits noted above. So will Thierry stay if we dress him like a Barca player?

The thing with this 3rd kit is, if we’re playing a team whose home strip is red, this red and blue number won’t be enough of a clash. I’d still like to see it though.

34. Shahsem - 21 August, 2007

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