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Arsenal wallpapers for iPhone, Blackberry, computer and iPad. 28 October, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Back in July I made a couple of iPhone wallpapers which seemed to be quite popular, ever since then I’ve been meaning to do a full range of wallpapers and I’ve finally got round to it. To download, click the thumbnail of the corresponding wallpaper you want, then right+click or ctrl+click and save.



iPad (1024×768)



While I’m here I shoud probably explain my absence. I’ve been slightly busy but to be honest with you I just haven’t really known what to say! I’ll be back soon, but for now enjoy these wallpapers. Shout out to @22eduardo9 on twitter who’s been nudging me since July for these!

See ya.



1. SK - 28 October, 2011

A yellow and blue one too please chef!

2. SK - 28 October, 2011

Love them, setting it as my iPod Touch wallpaper right away!

3. Marble Balls - 28 October, 2011

Nice try but cannons are pointing the wrong way

4. Salmon - 29 October, 2011

Really? Get over it. New badge sucks compared to the old one but which way the cannon points… not that fussed.

5. SK - 29 October, 2011

I’m trying to make a yellow and blue one but I really have no clue how so please make a yellow and blue one chef!

6. Chef - 29 October, 2011

Will do. Tomorrow or Monday will be up.

7. Majestyk - 6 November, 2011

Nice one

8. Xuma Hillary - 2 January, 2012

Try others which can look better than these p’se

9. wallace - 9 January, 2012

brazilian y ove gunners

10. wallace - 9 January, 2012

brazilian y love gunnerssssssss

11. Damian - 17 May, 2012

hey these are awesome BUT the cannon wheel outlined in white and the cannon not outlined in white makes the wheel the focal point of the image, could you do it with a white outline on the cannon too?

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