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Don’t call it a comeback 14 February, 2013

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Hello there..?

Well, long time no speak! I’ve been thinking recently it’s probably about time I came and typed on here. In fact I wasn’t even sure if the old place would still exist. This afternoon I wondered if I even remembered my password and after a bit of dusting down and cobweb clearing I thought I should at least pop my head round the door.

So how’s things? I’ve been good thanks. When we last spoke I was heading off to the French Alps for a ski season, that was brilliant but fuck me did I miss The Arsenal. It was torture watching Thierry Henry come back and knowing I wouldn’t be there to see him; that Leeds game almost had me in tears and my celebrations for that winner at Sunderland drew a lot of attention from a pub full of bemused skiers! There were bad times too, I had to watch both legs of the Milan tie out there and suffer, just like the rest of you and then there was the ups like the incredible 5-2 (the first chapter). I’d say the biggest test was seeing Thierry don the shirt again, that was the closest I felt to packing it all in and coming home but in the end it took a last minute winner against Man City at home for me to book my flight. I was coming back to England anyway but by my original plan meant I wouldn’t have caught any games before the end of the season, so I decided to take an earlier trip and get back for the Chelsea match.

I hadn’t been so excited for an Arsenal game in years. I was so happy to be back in familiar surroundings, at the pub with the guys and back in Block 6 singing about The Arsenal. There was a great vibe around at the time, hope that we could just pip Spurs to 4th after a fantastic run, yet all this hope and I wasn’t even treated to a goal! 0-0 it finished that that would be my last game until the next season.

That didn’t matter though, I realized that the most important thing to me was just being able to be there, at Arsenal with my mates supporting my team. Yeah we beg and cry for results but at the end of the day aren’t we all here because we love Arsenal? Arseblogger touched on this the other day, there are so many fans now so quick to crucify anything to do with Arsenal that they don’t like. I mean all of us wish us to be back challenging for titles and what have you but I’m not going to let that ruin my love for the club. You see too many people now that seem to take no joy whatsoever in supporting Arsenal. What’s the point in that?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no perfect specimen. I mean I’m fucking glad I wasn’t blogging around the time of the Bradford defeat this season. Then I truly lost the plot for a couple of days but soon afterwards I shrugged it off and was looking forward to next supporting the team.

I didn’t go to Bradford, but I was lucky enough to be at Reading away previously in the competition. What an evening that was and one I’ll certainly never forget. I’ve been to a fair few other away trips this year including the loss to Norwich, the bore-fest at Stoke and the great performance at City. Add that to all but one or two home games and I’ve seen a fair bit of Arsenal this season. I’ve seen all types of performances from the jubilant to the downright terrible but in all honest I’ve just loved being a full-time Gooner again. I’d like to get back into writing about them again but I just don’t want to turn into one of these people that will moan and criticize until I’m sat quivering in a rocking chair on my porch shouting every so often, “WENGER OUT” at passers by just to give myself the impression of sanity.

Before this ‘popping my head round the door’ turns into a lecture to an empty room I’ll wrap things up. We’ve got a massive week ahead of us now, in 7 days time we might be closer to knowing if it’s going to be another year without silverware or an exciting couple of cup runs ahead. Plus, we find ourselves in a similar position in the league to last year fighting the scum for 4th spot and as stressful, painful and lacking in ambition as you might consider it to be, it’s exciting none the less.

I don’t know about you but I’m on the edge of my seat excited for the upcoming games, I’m so grateful that I’m going to be at these matches and I can’t wait to sing loud and proud in hope to get us through to the next rounds of the two cups and rightfully restoring The Gap over Spurs. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

I’ll speak to you soon then, thanks to those that still check up on the site. That’s some dedication! Bye for now.



1. Lord Zeus - 14 February, 2013

Kudos 2 u mate. Red and white flows through mine veins too. Will be supporting the blazing canonz til i die

2. kif - 14 February, 2013

Welcome back.

Looking forward to getting my (hopefully) daily fix of your writing once again. Hope the skiing was good. 433 days is quite some sabbatical!

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