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What a load of 18 February, 2013

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Shit. What a load of shit.

I spoke before the game how a convincing win against Blackburn would put us in the high spirits we’d need going into a game against Bayern Munich in the form they’re in. I also said how damaging a bad result could be. Now we are there, I can’t believe it yet at the same time I absolutely can. Tomorrow night has been a game fans, players and staff having been looking forward to since the draw was made in December and I don’t know about you but I’m dreading it now. I just have no hope, no confidence.

As for Saturday’s game though, what bollocks that was. All too often this has happened and all too often we say, “This must be the final straw, we must apply ourselves against lesser opposition.” But no, the trend continues and I don’t expect it to stop. It goes to the extent that I was happy that we didn’t draw a weaker opposition in the Chamipons League because I knew against Munich we would give everything. I shouldn’t be thinking that should I!

I can’t complain about team selection, as in my match preview I picked a similar XI to go out and beat Blackburn. That is the problem though, that team should’ve beaten Blackburn. The quality is there, every single one of the players in our team would’ve displaced his opposite number in the visiting side. The problem is application, too many players either don’t give a flying fuck, think that if they turn up they will win regardless or a combination of the two.

Who’s job is it to ensure the players are fully focused? Primarily the manager and secondly the captain, here’s what they’ve had to say:


Maybe they still thought: ‘OK, we’re playing at home against Blackburn, it will be difficult but we will win the game anyway’, but it doesn’t work like that.


I think the tempo could have been higher sometimes. I think we had too many touches on the ball, didn’t respect the game sometimes.

How infuriating this that? It’s your fucking job to not only prevent that from happening but if it does, to put a stop to it and change something!

Watching on Saturday it just seemed like nothing would be done to change a terrible, terrible game. Whilst the score remained 0-0 we had the same attitude of, ‘Oh a goal will come, we’ll be alright.’ I’ve seen abject performances many-a-time before but this weekend’s was one of the most lethargic I’ve seen. I’d foolishly thought we were going to come out and batter Blackburn but it was clear early on it wasn’t going to be that kind of day when we won a corner and everyone stood around hands on hips waiting for someone who could be arsed to walk all the way over to the corner flag (Not that a corner would’ve produced anything, mind).

I’ve always said, if I see a player giving his all I can have no complaint about his ability. That’s why Carl Jenkinson has won so many over, he might not be all there footwall-wise but he gives everything. So since there was no effort shown by the majority of that team on Saturday, then fuck you I will go into how shit you are:

Will you please fuck off now? I was hoping he would start on Saturday and I was hoping that he would come back from Africa with a bit of enthusiasm to make something happen at Arsenal. But quite frankly Sir, you are not good enough. The image people will remember is him going through on goal in the first half after a great pass from Rosicky and lamely passing it wide but his general play around the area was shocking. He could not make a dangerous run or pass and I had no hope whatsoever if he did in fact find himself in a decent position. He did some alright work down the flank, but what is the point in having a player that can do that if when he gets to the attacking end of the pitch either gives it away or fluffs the chance? We have to cut our losses with this one immediately, but how often have we said that with Arsenal players and got an immediate solution? Well, Santos to be fair but that’s one!

Abou Diaby
You also, I’m sick up to my teeth with. The injury record is one thing, I stopped getting angry at that years ago. His form on this current comeback though has been dog shit. In the past when he’s returned he’s looked great, and has showed glimpses of that Vieira-esque style Wenger hyped him up to possess but this time he’s been awful. Every element of his game is gone: control, movement, awareness, passing and shooting. That’s without mentioning the absolute lack of effort. I’m not being funny, he’s lost it. If you have the misfortune of sitting near me you’ll hear he’s the most popular recipient of my tirade recently and I don’t see it stopping for two reasons, 1. He’s shown no sign of improvement as games have gone on, if anything decline going by the last show and; 2. Wenger will continue to play him, summed up rather well by him staying on the pitch at the expense of Tomas Rosicky. Bizarre. What’s next with Diaby? Wait until the next injury come back and see if he’s better then? What’s the point.

Arsene Wenger
Now criticism of Arsene is a touchy subject amongst us all but as a manager of a football club he is in a position to be questioned. Why weren’t the players motivated for this game? On Friday I remember reading something saying, “We prepare for this game like a cup final.” LIKE FUCK you do! Absolute bullshit, but we’re no strangers to that are we? I bet you’ll prepare for tomorrow night’s game for a final though, because it is our cup final this season. That’s the worst part, we’ll go out tomorrow night and lose, draw or win we will play our hearts out and we will question why the attitude was so different from Saturday to Tuesday. The quality of opposition should not dictate the level of performance, we need consistency in that – 100% of what you have every game. As I said, I can’t blame the squad selection but where was Wenger’s change for action on Saturday? The first half was possibly the most lethargic I’ve seen us all season, why not a half time change to shake things up a bit? But no, he’ll wait until the 70th fucking minute to change anything. And I know it was 0-0 when the changes were made, but why isn’t Podolski coming on? He’s a fucking striker.

I can rant as much as I want, but the reality is now we haven’t learnt from our lesson(s) (again) and we’re out of (both) the cups. Maybe next year we’ll learn to apply ourselves. Maybe.

The good thing about having the blog sometimes is it’s a place to vent frustration. I genuinely feel a little better now and I’m sure by the morning I’ll be looking forward to the Munich game again. I know we’ll see a different side in personnel and performance then, so at least we have that to look forward to! I’ll try and write something ahead of that tomorrow too.

Until then.



1. mister spruce - 18 February, 2013

Breathe… They’re making thousands a week that we’re not and aren’t probably as passionate as we are about Arsenal. You know how you can employ someone to work for you but the person isn’t as passionate about your vision and the direction the company’s going like you are? I think that’s the problem we’ve got, very few of the players like Wilshere believe in the Arsenal dream. And until we get those sort of players that desire results, dude, we’re going to remain in the rut.

2. jawewa - 18 February, 2013

these days i,m scared watching arsenal playing!

3. apoorva - 18 February, 2013

I don’t know what level of financial pressures make a “top club” part with their “top players” but Arsenal just demonstrated that it is not for nothing that great players are worth as much as they are and getting average guys will catch up sooner than later…Arsenal is a thoroughly average team now. Absolutely, thoroughly average..

4. Stevo - 18 February, 2013

You could have added quite a few to the list of idiots above.
Wenger is the first (was it not 1-0 down in the 70th minute when he subbed players?)
Taking Rosicky off was one of the strangest things I have ever seen, he was the only player doing much on the pitch.
Anyone notice how many crosses Monreal made and how many shots at goal? It is as if he said ‘f*ck this if the rest of the team won’t do it then I will. ‘
A defender was making more runs than the midfield!
Woeful absolutely woeful. We need a clear out come summer and I mean the team needs to be reamed!
Most of them can go but please please Wenger go first and don’t fuck up another transfer windows.
Better still sack the fool now, all working Steve Bould to caretaker until a full time manager is found.
Anyone tells me he would not do better than Wenger you are talking shit, pure shit!

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