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All eyes down Seven Sisters Road 27 February, 2013

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

I thought I’d better get myself on here before I slip into non-existence once again. Since we last spoke we lost to Bayern Munich, as expected, but got back to winning ways against Villa, as expected. We nearly managed to fuck it on Saturday forcing a late scrap for the win but I was relieved to see us manage to grab that second goal. And when I say relieved I mean I was fist-pumping in the aisle of block 6 screaming to myself in full-on fit mode. The 0-0 draw at Villa Park represented one of our most lackluster performances on the road and to have drawn again on Saturday would’ve really knocked us ahead of a massive game this weekend. You can have many complaints about the game, especially the defending/goalkeeping but fuck it, we won. I just hope someone tells them this week how if we back off and back off like that again for Villa’s goal we’ve got no hope.

On Sunday it’s arguably the biggest North London Derby in recent years with the two teams neck and neck in the race for fourth to finish above one another. It’s almost exactly a year ago we completed that unforgettable 5-2 comeback over this lot. Then, we were a lot further behind Spurs and it was really a ‘now or never’ sort of game for us. At 2-0 down early on it looked like Spurs were going to end that run of finishing below Arsenal, but as we know, we produced an incredible turn-around which sent Spurs plummeting out of form and us in the other direction.

This year, we’re hot[ter] on Tottenham’s heels and a win for us, at their place this time, would narrow the gap to just one point. If West Ham weren’t such a bunch of incapable cunts we would’ve been in a position to overtake them on Sunday but never mind. A home win for Spurs would push us away to the degree of 7 points with 10 games to play. Really, a win for either team should propel them on to the end of the season to finish above the other. The damage a derby loss can do is incredible and if we were to win on Sunday I’d fully back us to finish above them come the end of the season. However my fears about the opposite are strong.

I hate to admit it but if we come away from White Hart Lane with no points that could be it for us. Whatever Wenger says, I don’t rate our mental strength and I don’t know if we could cope with a loss when you take into consideration the boost it would give that lot. For these reasons, right now I’d take a draw.

It a huge, huge game but I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. I find the derby too stressful nowadays, I just cannot enjoy it at all until the whistle has gone and it is won. I’m a complete wreck in the build up to these matches, it’s four days away and it’s already all I can think about!

Whatever happens, with Everton progressing in the FA Cup last night we will have no game the weekend after this. Our home match against the Toffees has been moved to a midweek in April so we’ll have 10 days to prepare for Bayern Munich away before a tough trip to Swansea. In the lead up to the final 10 games of the league season, an unfamiliar rest like this could make all the difference. It’s going to be fucking rubbish for us, the fans, having no match that weekend but it should give the players that extra bit of energy going into the business end.

dennis bergkamp gold

In other news it leaked last night that we’re getting a fourth statue outside The Emirates soon. Dennis Bergkamp in an iconic aerial take-down vs. Newcastle. As cool as it looks, I’m surprised they’ve chosen that pose for a statue. I personally would’ve gone for the image above but I guess it shows his great skill and touch. I’m just glad to have the Dutchman immortalized outside the ground along with other greats.

That’s it for now, speak to you later in the week in the build up our trip down Seven Sisters Road. Thanks for reading.



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