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Retro football shirt images thanks to Toffs.com



1. Gary - 19 July, 2006

Well done. Iforgot what some of them even looked like years ago !!

2. Damien - 28 July, 2006

Great!!! I collect Arsenal shirts and have them all back to 1982/83. Great site, great blog!
Come on you gunners!!

3. unbelievable climax - 2 August, 2006

Is there any way we can have a concerted effort to make sure we don’t get a blue away kit next year? We always struggle in blue and we’re not Chelsea!!!

4. jamal - 5 August, 2006

i have to say ..welldone mate..shows how true to the cannon u are..i hope i had few of them shirts from early 90’s

5. Isaac - 6 August, 2006

great images but can anyone help me find the picture of the arsenal squad walking towards the emirates stadium in the new kit. it was shown in the arsenal magazine before the release of the kit, if you have this picture can you please tell me where i can find it thanks

6. Smmy - 11 August, 2006

i dont think that the away shirt we used last season is to be used this season. i no we have used it in the pre season games and what have you but its not actually on sale anywhere. there hasnt been any information about when it will be released from arsenal or nike. there hasnt actually been any real talk of the away kit except speculation.

i have seen various pictures and what i assume are “fakes” that are the most amazing fakes if they are that i have seen. the shirts all seem to be roughly the same aswell, they are the same as the home kit excluding the gold lines. its the same nice yellow as last year,all over with just black rims around the edge of the sleave. i think they its actually really nice and i would appreciate it more than the current one.

we’re going to have to buy a new away kit because of the change of sponsor so it would make sense to change the whole kit would it not?
the kits i have seen are on ebay, most probably fake http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/9-REYES-Arsenal-Away-06-07-XL-FOOTBALL-SHIRT-NEW_W0QQitemZ110019969676QQihZ001QQcategoryZ123494QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

7. gunner8 - 18 September, 2006

Fantastic images, I just got my 98-99 home shirt back offa mate after 6 years… …thought I would never see it again it is my fav shirt that I own

Favorite all time 92-93 both

8. dan - sway with me now - 28 September, 2006

them green kits have always seemed abit mental.

green for fuck sake. worse than blue.

i think this seasons kits are the best actually.


9. Lance - 1 October, 2006

Oh my! That 91/92/93 away shirt is nasty. It makes the questionable 95/96 away look rather fetching by comparison.

10. Justin - 21 November, 2006

03/04 home jersey – by far the best looking

11. Northbank Gaff - 19 December, 2006

The 00 home was the best ever. I can still see Bouldy to Adams…!!

12. robwatts - 4 January, 2007

Top site, love the layout and design, best looking Arsenal blog ive seen in a long time!


13. Marmite - 7 January, 2007

Its great to see all the old shirts again, ive been trying to pick up as many as I can from Ebay to complete my collection. Great site i cant believe ive never come across it before. Just an idea but these images of the old shirts would make an excellant wallpaper.

14. Marmite - 7 January, 2007

Just one more thing I got an ipod for christmas as many of us prob did . Since then ive been hooked on ARSEBLOG podcast check it out its a must for all GOONERS.

15. sanityforsale - 2 February, 2007

The 92/93 away shirt is just pukeworthy!

16. arsenalist - 12 March, 2007

Have Arsenal worn the blue shirt this year at all?

17. jp1 - 17 March, 2007

cant wait for the white away kit 07/08! What are they thinking about at Nike?? Before long we will have 25 balls on the pitch like the bud adverts. Leave arsenal in red home, yellow away. Job done

18. sul - 27 March, 2007

actually chef, for 00/01, the dark blue kit was the 3rd shirt (i’m quite sure about this), and we had the yellow one from the previous season as second choice.

they introduced the dark blue kit in the champions league game at home to sparta prague, and played the first-half in it, but then switched back to the yellow one at half-time because they couldn’t be distinguished from the referees/linesmen.

19. lasagnechef - 27 March, 2007

Oh right, cheers sul. Gets very confusing trying to reasearc all the kits when different sites tell u differnt things. I will change it in the summer though. Gonna sort this page out in the close season

20. will261 - 1 April, 2007

White away? shud be yellow or blue alternating each year with the last years away moving to the current 3rd kit.

21. captain cheesecake - 10 April, 2007

th white one is more nike commercialised crap. it’ll b interesting 2 see it tho, but we shud hav yellow away every year – we ain’t chelski (blue) or spurs (white) or inter milan – sum of u mite hav seen th inter milan-esque thing circulating online gooner that mite b nxt year’s away kit.

22. B. - 27 April, 2007

This page as taken me down memory lane a bit, lol

23. andrew rafferty - 6 May, 2007

wot r they thinking putting us in spuds colours, that is no fittin tribute to herbert chapman, it shud always, always be yellow away, or at very worst blue, anyway yellow looks the best and they have been behind some very historical moments(1970-71 double, champo league final etc) corporate cunts with no respect for our history nd rivalries i say

24. solo the gunner - 11 May, 2007

Great site ,great stuff,can one order the jerseys online???coz the stuff is great,great blogg too!

25. The FA Cup Final is boring « the-cannon.com - 19 May, 2007

[…] Kits […]

26. gooner 4 life - 24 May, 2007

The best kit has to be our 04/05 kit. it looks magical

27. Arsenal: The greatest - 28 May, 2007

Anyone know where I can get this year’s 3rd? I haven’t seen it anywhere?

28. New kit, same manger, no Norwegian and new owners? « the-cannon.com - 11 June, 2007

[…] Kits […]

29. C'mon you gunners - 5 July, 2007

Can any of you guys tell me what year this goalie kit is from? sometime before 02/03 is all I can tell just from the crest.

30. Gunnerblog » Links - 13 July, 2007

[…] fee Goodplaya – Cerebral analysis and regular updates The Cannon – Great graphics and a brilliant kits section ANR – Error: Page access denied Elstree Gooner – Technically a liar. He lives in Watford. […]

31. GOONER HARRY - 18 July, 2007

I hav 2 say the new gooner white shirt is sexy i just ordered one of the official arsenal website!
maybe 1st this year guys, C’MON ARSENAL!!!

32. MeGaN mEgA gOoNeR - 30 July, 2007

wow thats an impressive collection! my favorite kit is the 06/07 away kit…the yellow really makes us stand out. cant wait for the 07/08 season in our spiffy new kits!! arsenal forever…

33. Shez1 - 31 July, 2007

The new kit looks good but all the old ones have suprised me,

Come on you gunners!

34. mohamed - 1 August, 2007

i love the new one and the old ones r cool to arsenal forever

35. Ali - 1 August, 2007

there was a third kit in the 02/03 season.. it was like the gold away kit but had o2 on.. its extremeley rare and worth alot

36. Nick - 3 August, 2007

Can anyone remember the drill top from 95/96 that had the badge on the right shoulder?

I’ve been trying to find it but can’t.

37. Doug - 12 August, 2007

Wonderful section of the site. I’m bookmarking!

38. Clayton Spencer - 27 August, 2007

Great site,
My son was born in August 03 11 kits since then (yes 11) I have 9 of them.

In 95 Arsenal wore a yellow away strip for a Leauge cup game against Liverpool because they kept they hadn’t won in the blue one, and yes they did lose 1-0.

39. og - 20 September, 2007

arsenal is the best homie g don’t be messin with that aight you better read this folls manchester united is going down folls did jose mourinho really leave chelsea

40. Pedro - 12 December, 2007

That must have taken you ages… I have only seen the green kit once in an obscure book!

Well played!

41. Alexander - 1 January, 2008

Спасибо, то что доктор прописал

42. Guilherme - 16 January, 2008

I am from Brazil and I would like to know where I can buy the shirt home of Arsenal 2001/2002 season?

43. lasagnechef - 16 January, 2008


44. Mark - 19 January, 2008

just bought a long sleeved blue uni with thin red stripes, off ebay, sez its from 98-99. its official. would this be the goalie’s jersey?

45. Pádraig - 1 February, 2008

Nice compilation! Thanks for that.

46. Giornale - 17 February, 2008

I am Italian and I say: force Juventus Turin!

47. Supersupercookie - 3 March, 2008

Great work, Just wondering if you’ll add the goalkeepers shirts from previous years aswell? definatly some interesting ones in there! And maybe also the shorts and socks? the other sites with the 2D graphics are ok but nothing beats the real thing! keep up the good work.

48. Saul - 7 March, 2008

The Gunners are armed dangerousily these days,even the Italian job could not manage-get my drift?

49. Jamesgillesp - 16 April, 2008

@ 44. Mark, The blue kit from 98/99 was our thrid kit that season, we played with it against Lens in the Champions League that year because their home kit was red and yellow stripes!

50. andy - 20 April, 2008

what’ll the 2009 suit be like, i wonder?


51. andy - 20 April, 2008

2007 had a cool away suit, the white one.
i liked it.

52. andy - 20 April, 2008

i sure hope we do not have a blue away kit next season.
reminds me of chelsea.

53. Alexandre (Brazilian Gunner) - 21 April, 2008

First of all, sorry for my english. Arsenal home kit it’s the most beautiful kit in the world. I became an Gunner exactly because of it. I have seen some pictures of the home shirt for the next season and didn’t like it. Doesn’t have the white sleeves. My favorite here it’s the home shirt 97/98, just wonderful.

54. Scott - 30 April, 2008

Red arsenal home 08 kit is the best i have it and luv it. Go GUNNERS!!!!!

55. Peter - 6 May, 2008

Hi All, This web site site is great. But you may also want to check this one out…


56. Andy - 8 May, 2008

can someone send a link to find out what arsenal’s kit for season 07/08 is gonna be?

57. Andy - 12 May, 2008


58. mika - 24 May, 2008

Hi Guys.
I would like to know if I can take your pics on my website but I let a copyright ?
Is it possible ?


59. lasagnechef - 24 May, 2008

Yes that is fine

60. The Week In Links + Euro 2008 Scouting begins at Gunnerblog - 8 June, 2008

[…] Official images of our new home shirt were leaked. I happen to like it – it’s very reminiscent of our kit for 98/99 and 99/00 – for a reminder of that shirt, check out The Cannon’s oustanding kits page. […]

61. wachira - 3 July, 2008

where could i get th05/06 highbury commemorative maroon jersey…arsenal die hard…eternity

62. fhghfgfdg - 15 July, 2008

haha arsenal will look good

63. Andy again - 23 July, 2008

What do you people here think about Arsenal’s new away kit 08/09?

64. BIRKO - 29 July, 2008

I love the new away kit!!! I am DEFINITELY getting it!!! :))) It is awesome to honour the 1989 League Title!!! An unforgettable moment in gooner history!!! Gooners Forever!!!!!!!!

65. Coosbay Pirate - 3 August, 2008

92-93 away strip rules!! Bring is back for 2012-2013 for sure.

Love the new away kit’s nod to 89.

Rocky Rocky…..

66. SK - 5 August, 2008

06/07 and 07/08 home kit are by far the the best. The home kit should always match the crest in my opinion. The current one doesn’t impress me.

Arsenal away kit should be yellow with some blue. The current one is OK but I HATE the red stripe. Kills it. Nothing can be worse than the 91/92 and 92/93 away kit though.

I like the white kits as the 3rd kit though, it’s awesome.

For the goalkeeper kit, the black one is great but they can do better. And don’t they have GK kits for home and away too?

This is all based on my opinion, Arsenal F.C are still the best team in the world. And at least our crest are the best.

Die Hard Gooner.

67. Gooner Ant - 26 August, 2008

I have the rarest Arsenal Shirt ever! Gold 02 3rd shirt from 2003! Never seen anyone else with it!

68. Jay - 8 September, 2008

Gooner Ant,

I have that shirt as well. Its brand new with tags AND a long sleeve. Didn’t even realize that it was so rare.

Jonny Vodka - 12 January, 2010

i also have this shirt, however my one is a real jem as it is a player shirt with no sizing as they were taylored to fit, it also has the indent of ljundberg letterin and the number 8 as if it was prepped but never to been warn, to my knowledge this shirt was only worn for a couple of matches, i have also been told before that it was never released to the public how much of that is true i am not sure..

i also own every shirt from 1988-to present day including 1988 home signed by the one and only mr perry groves!!

69. The Cannon will be very quiet for a while… « The Cannon - 14 September, 2008

[…] Kits […]

70. Peter - 18 September, 2008

Jay, would you consider selling it (the gold O2 shirt with long sleeves)? Please.

71. Samed - 28 September, 2008

Arsenal is the best!!!@….I wonder how the 2009 kit wolud look like

72. MFA - 28 September, 2008

in response to samed

the 09-10 home jersey will be the same as this year’s

73. Spod Gooner - 16 March, 2009

Great collections…a few gaps

The Lens Euro Shirt JVC worn only for a couple of games in 1998

The Nike yellow third shirt from 1995

The Green away was only worn for a single season, before being replace by the yellow

Interestingly ..Arsenal had a blue away shirt I think in 1967

Arsenal also wore a red and blue sleeve shirt in Aberdeen for a pre season friendly representing the Boys Brigade ! in circa 1983

74. Possible new away kit photo & other news… « The Cannon - 25 March, 2009

[…] Kits […]

75. Peter - 28 March, 2009

I have a picture of the 1983 red and blue one should anyone wish to see it

76. shobs - 11 April, 2009

you forgot the 3rd kit for the 02-03 season

it is this one


used against sheffild unided(one the david seaman show-his save)

77. ZA gunner - 11 April, 2009

i know theres a lot of controversy making us look like charlton without the all-white sleeves, but well get used to it. I think our best kit is the away one for the 02/03season

78. ArsnlFC1886 - 20 April, 2009

well done

79. ZA gunner - 21 April, 2009

lasagnechef is 95 years old and is 0″1 in height

80. ZA gunner - 21 April, 2009

i think

81. pmass4 - 27 April, 2009

Great Website…… Very Good… Xx

82. ZA gunner - 3 May, 2009


83. Slow Graffiti - 4 May, 2009

The blue Dreamcast shirt shown as away for 00/01 was actually a third shirt, only worn once in the Champions League.

The gold Sega shirt shown as away for 01/02 was the away shirt for 00/01 too.

That same gold Sega shirt was used twice as a third shirt during the 02/03 season, except “Sega” was replaced by “O2.” Pretty rare replica to find, but I’ve seen them on eBay occasionally.

The blue ‘third’ shirt listed for 06/07 was never actually printed or used as far as I know, and the O2 version was never actually worn during the 05/06 season.

daniel - 18 September, 2009

Submitted by: http://www.classic-sports.co.uk – Added to website: 14th September 2009

Arsenal 1999-00 Away Shirt – Adams 6

84. lasagnechef - 9 June, 2009

Everyone has a different opinion on what kits were used for what years, it’s so hard to get it right!

85. charlie - 11 June, 2009

arsenal have the best kits in the would and the new away kit is wicked its the best one yet !!!!!!!!!

connor - 11 June, 2009

yes arsenal have the best in the would if you know what i meen !!

86. Paul Cole - 5 July, 2009

Great Collection
TRUE Gooner!!!
Got loads of rare Arsenal stuff myself in a cabinet… Sadly some has goota go bloody recession.. moving money needed anyone on here after any rare stuff let me know


87. Gooner Shirt Lover - 6 August, 2009

Here are some ARSENAL shirts I want to get for my collection.



88. Gooner Shirt Lover - 6 August, 2009

I have pics of

i. 07/08 GK YELLOW
ii. 07/08 GK GREY

iii. 08/09 GK GREEN
iv. 08/09 GK GREY

v. 06/07 Jens Lehmann in YELLOW (I need shirt only pics, pls help)
vi. 06/07 Jens Lehmann in BLACK (I need shirt only pics, pls help)

89. lekan - 21 November, 2009

I love arsenal I am a big fan that is why I am going to join arsenal when I grow up

90. lekan - 21 November, 2009

I love your match against man u in 2001 we won!

91. Zap - 19 December, 2009

Nice. My favourite- Depends wether we win something this year, otherwise 2002/03 away

92. fi - 17 April, 2010

all of the 2007/2008 are my fav so far

93. Kris - 17 April, 2010

i think the best away kit is the yellow and blue one from 03/04 but i liked the one from 05/06 aswell. the yellows ones always look cool. the best home one has got to be the one with the gold down the sides form 06/08 😀

94. RVP1968 - 5 August, 2010

I have two PLAYER ISSUED gold o2 sponsored shirts from 2002-03 season. These shirts were never released to the public for trading standards reasons.

They were worn twice, once against West Brom on Dec 26th 2002 and in the FA Cup semi final in April 2003 when Seaman made THAT save.

I own Gilberto’s shirt from that semi final and the gold O2 shirt assigned to Dennis Bergkamp. They are gorgeous too….

95. WELCH - 24 August, 2010


96. Andy Tyas - 8 September, 2010


I believe I have some rare Arsenal shirts worn by the players from the 95/96 season against Aston Villa in the semi final of the league cup. They are yellow with blue arms and a sky blue stripe on the sleeve. They have the old club badge and JVC on the front. They also have sky ble around the collar. I am in possession of four of these shirts and I purchased them from the guy who used to sell programmes outside the supports club shop. Are they worth anything as they were actually worn by the players. These shirts never went on general sale.

97. Andy Tyas - 8 September, 2010


I believe I have some rare Arsenal shirts worn by the players from the 95/96 season against Aston Villa in the semi final of the league cup. They are yellow with blue arms and a sky blue stripe on the sleeve. They have the old club badge and JVC on the front. They also have sky blue around the collar. I am in possession of four of these shirts and I purchased them from the guy who used to sell programmes outside the supporters club shop. Are they worth anything as they were actually worn by the players. These shirts never went on general sale.

98. Matt Wood - 11 November, 2010

Andy (97), those shirts are as rare as rocking horse s***t! Hang on to them mate, or alternatively give one to me and one to Peter Rapley (see 70)!!!
If anyone is interested I am writing an illustrated book on the history of the Arsenal kit. I’m trying to find pics of the VERY rare kits, or kit combinations. Can anyone help out?????

99. Matt Wood - 11 November, 2010

Can anyone tell me the away kits for 1967/68 and 68/69 seasons? One of those seasons was dark blue shirts and socks (my guess is 68/69)

kitman - 2 January, 2011
kitman - 2 January, 2011
100. Selena - 3 February, 2011


Got a few more to add now though, the 1950s is obviously not an original

101. Conquest » Blog Archive » arsenal commemorative kit pictures - 31 May, 2011

[…] Kits В« The Cannon where could i get th05/06 highbury commemorative maroon jersey…arsenal die hard… eternity …. on the history of the Arsenal kit. I'm trying to find pics of the VERY rare kits, or kit combinations. … […]

102. Arsenal kits | Wyrmtungh - 2 June, 2011

[…] Kits « The Cannonwow thats an impressive collection! my favorite kit is the 06/07 away kit…the yellow really makes us stand out. cant wait for the 07/08 season in our spiffy new kits!! arsenal forever…… […]

103. Photo Card Place » Blog Archive » Asenal pictures - 17 August, 2011

[…] Kits В« The Cannon great images but can anyone help me find the picture of the arsenal squad walking towards the emirates stadium in … […]

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107. Kaveh Abbasi - 8 January, 2012

Hey Mate

Well done, dot wanna be rude because u did a great job, but are missing a cupel of 3rd kits 🙂

108. umair - 2 February, 2012

amazing bro…very good job…i like the kits very muich it present gunners spirit forever

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113. Matt Flavin - 11 July, 2012

nice collection man, but i’ll repeat what others have said, your missing a few 3rd kits. Especially the gold kit from 02/03 with o2 on it. Very rare. I had it, then left it in ibiza …. gutted!

114. The Wizard of Öz (@MHAFC5) - 28 September, 2013

I love that yellow kit with a blue stripe across the JVC. Very Arsenal colours.

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